A Review on Zodiac Casino’s Features, Games and Bonuses

Zodiac Casino ReviewYou see the usual online casino games with minimal and unimaginative display and it really gets boring in the long run, right? An awesome online casino is one that is able to mimic the life and energy of a real casino review house and get to reflect its joie de vivre in virtual reality. Here comes Zodiac Casino.

The Zodiac Casino Environment

If you think Review ZodiacCasino is just another online game you are in for a big surprise. This is one place where the excitement is always at optimum level with a variety of games you can play all at once. What makes it even better is that customer service chat is available every second for every game. Moreover, when you “step” into the casino’s lobby you will find yourself transported to a spectacular three-dimension virtual magnificence of the Roman era. The amazing Zodiac Casino environment is made possible by Top Game developers who made images in full vibrant colors and uniquely alive sound effects.

How to play in Zodiac Casino

There is only one way to play in Zodiac Casino and that’s to download the free software, disappointing for those who just want to play and go. The good thing about it is that the program does not require much memory space from your PC and the software is compatible with most of the popular Operating Systems therefore downloading and installing the app only takes a jiffy.
Aside from the system requirements there are also age requirements for players so, naturally, minors are not allowed. On the other hand, US citizens of legal age who want to join the game will be pleased to note that they can register in Zodiac Casino too.

Zodiac Casino games

Once the app is up and running, you will find yourself in what is called the “Lobby”. Aside from the different sets of available casino games, you also have the choice to “Play For Fun” or “Play For Real Money”. It is only when you play for real money that you will be required to put in a deposit and receive payouts from your winnings.

A further amazing fact with Zodiac Casino is that you can play different games simultaneously and you can switch game rooms without having to click “Enter” And “Exit” all the time. Switching rooms in Zodiac Casino feels pretty much like moving from one game room to another in real life. The system is so easy to navigate, the images come alive with vibrant colors and the gaming environment is totally electrifying. All these makes for an online casino experience that will keep you coming back again and again.

Bonuses and perks

“Play For Money” will provide the challenge and excitement that hardcore casino players are looking for. In the tradition of ancient Zodiac’s grandiose, Zodiac Casino will not be outdone when it comes to extravagance. This is the only online casino that offers generous bonuses to all players, right from the very first deposit. These bonuses and perks are actually one of the biggest factors why Zodiac Casino is preferred by online casino gamers all over the world.

Zodiac Casino’s unique bonuses are the following:

Zodiac Welcome Bonus – your deposits are matched with bonuses as much as two hundred percent or up to a maximum of one thousand dollars. You get welcome bonuses up until your tenth deposit where you could earn up to ten thousand dollars in bonuses alone.

Zodiac’s Weekly Promotions – there are different gimmicks and promos conducted every week where players could win astonishing amounts of cash.

Copia’s Cash Back Bonus – giving away is not enough. It is how much you give away that counts and being named after the goddess of riches and bounty, this bonus gives back twenty-five percent of every deposit for blackjack, video poker or roulette.

Weekend Warrior – weekends are special thus you get special bonuses too like 150% bonus with a maximum of $1,000 up to your tenth deposit for slot games and a 15% cash back with no deposit limit for table games.

Weekday Labour – during ordinary days, special games will give bonuses with no limit on deposits either with a matching percentage bonus or 15% cash back rewards. The bonuses will depend on which game it is eligible for use.

Gladiator Program – Want to refer a friend? Gather them all to play in Zodiac Casino and you earn 15% from each of their very first deposit.
No doubt about it, having all these features, Zodiac Casino is definitely the best online casino there is.