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Tourist Attractions in Pathanamthitta


Tourist Attractions in Pathanamthitta
The various tourist attractions in Pathanamthitta are Omallur, Malayalapuzha, Kadamanitta, Konni, Sabarimala, Aranmula, Thiruvalla, Kaviyoor.


The Rakthakanta Swamy temple and the annual cattle fair held in the Malayalam month of Meenam are the main attraction of Omallur. People from both within and outside the state participate in the fair.


The goddess at the Bhagavathy Temple in Malayalapuzha is believed to grant boons to devotees and help them realize their dreams. The temple has beautiful wall paintings and artistic stone carvings.


The Kadamanitta Devi temple is famous for the ten day long Padayani performances held in connection with the annual festival in April - May.


Konni is an agricultural region, and rich in cash crops like rubber, pepper, coffee, ginger etc. It used to be a centre for training elephants. Konni is also known for its elephant rides and the Anakodu where elephants are tamed and trained for work.


Sabarimala is one of the most famous pilgrimage centres in India. Sabarimala is situated on the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats at an altitude of 914 m above sea level and is accessible by foot from Pamba (4 km). The temple is dedicated to Sree Ayyappa who is

Sabarimala, Pathanamthitta

regarded as the guardian of the mountaineers. This temple is open from November to mid January. Mandalapooja and Makaravilakku are the two main festivals which are celebrated during this season. The temple stays closed during the rest of the year except for the first five days of every Malayalam month and during Vishu. People of all castes and creeds are permitted inside the temple, except the women between 10 to 50 years of age.


Aranmula is located about 50 kms from Kottayam. The Parthasarthi temple, dedicated to Sree Krishna on the banks of the holy river Pamba attracts large crowds of devotees. Aranmula is the place where the splendid Onam festival boat races take place. The famous Aranmula boat race is held on the last day of the week long Onam festival. These races are religious, based on a temple festival. Caparisoned elephants with beaded umbrellas, processions of decorated floats, and highly ornate boats make this a lovely event to witness. The Vijnana Kalavedi at Aranmula imparts training in the traditional arts like Kathakali, classical dances, classical music as well as Kalaripayattu. The foreign tourists stay here for long period to get a first hand knowledge of the culture of Kerala. The Parthasarthi temple here has fine murals from the 18th century. Aranmula is also famous for its metal mirrors, a unique craft which is not found anywhere else in the world.


Thiruvalla is the headquarters of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church. The Paliakara Church in Thiruvalla has some exquisite mural paintings. The Sree Vallabha temple in Thiruvalla is perhaps the only temple in Kerala where Kathakali is performed as a ritual offering everyday.


Kaviyoor is situated on the banks of the Manimala river, and famous for its temples. The Hanuman temple is situated on a small hillock and is built in the gable style of architecture peculiar to Kerala. The rock cut Shiva temple, half a kilometer away, is of great archaeological significance. This temple belongs to the 18th century AD, and bears close resemblance to the Pallava style of architecture. The stone engravings here are among the earliest specimens of stone sculpture in Kerala.


Kaviyoor, Pathanamthitta

The Kaviyoor Trikkukkudi Cave Temple

Mannadi is situated about 13 kms. from Adoor. At this place, the Veluthampi Dalawa, the famous freedom fighter of Travancore spent his last days. The ancient Bhagavathy temple here has some exquisite stone sculptures. The annual festival is held in February - March. The Kerala Institute of Folklore and Folk Arts functions here.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls

The Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls is situated about 36 kms. from Pathanamthitta. The Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls on the banks of the Pamba river is a favourite picnic spot for both dometic and foreign tourists.


As a holy town, Pandalam is perhaps second only to Sabarimala. Sree Ayyappa, the presiding deity of Sabarimala had his human sojourn as the son of the Raja of Pandalam. The Valiyakoikal temple near the palace on the banks of river Achenkovil was modeled on the Sabarimala shrine. Pilgrims usually stop here to worship before proceeding to Sabarimala. Three days prior to the Makaravilaku festival, the sacred ornaments of Sree Ayappa are taken in a procession from Pandalam to Sabarimala.


The ormaperunnal (commemoration day) of Mar Gregorious Metropolitan, the declared saint of Malankara Orthodox Church is celebrated on the first and second day of every November.

Manjanikara Church

Mar Ignatius Elias III, the holy patriot of Anthiod while on his visit to India, died at this place in 1932. Later this place was developed into a pilgrim centre. The annual festival is held in the month of February.


Maramon, near Kozhencherry is the venue of the largest religious convention of Christians from all over the world. It is attended by people from all communities. The convention which is usually held in February is addressed by religious thinkers and Christian scholars from all over the world. This is perhaps the largest Christian convention in Asia.


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